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If, like me, you operate a business – or if you have any position with responsibility – you run into “bad” days from time to time.

They’re the days when sales are terrible.

Or when something technical goes wrong.

Or when a key staff member fails to show up for work.

Or when a customer gets mad and asks for a huge refund.

These days happen. Such is life.

And… if you are a responsible person (which you likely are if you’ve started a business or have a high-pressure job) you get totally engaged with what happened.

You hate that it happened. You get upset.  You get angry. You get stressed.

It’s normal.

The trouble is, trying to solve a problem from a bad-feeling place is hard.

We might think that we are working on a solution, but in many cases, we’re just spinning our tires, burning rubber and generating heat.

Instead… it’s better to step away and cool off.

To calm our emotions.

To get back into alignment.

Because… that’s when we zoom out and regain perspective.

It’s when answers come.

And – critically – we discover that our bad day wasn’t fatal and we would live to see another.

Plus… we had found a solution to our problem that would prevent it happening again.

Perhaps it wasn’t a bad day after all.

It could be – maybe – a rather good day.

Now… it takes skills to be able to jump off the runaway train of fear and get back into alignment. Doing so goes against so many of our learned behaviors.

This is why practicing the Feel Better Project process is so important. When we practice, we build the mental muscles we need to turn bad days into good days.

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(Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash)