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Maybe you have heard someone say one of the following things. (Maybe you have even said them yourself.)

When I get that job, then I’ll be happy.

When we pay down more of the mortgage, then everything will be OK.

When I find the perfect man, woman, dog, then I will be content.

The thing is, the mind has a habit of dangling a carrot in front of us.

The carrot is always a few steps away, and we believe all we need do is walk forward.

But when get there, the carrot is still out of reach.

So we keep walking…

…  and never eat the carrot.


…We can figure out how to eat the carrot now.

Unless… we can be happy where we’re at right now.

Unless… we can be OK with what’s happening right now.

Unless – and this is the kicker – we can create joy from inside us (and not from carrots).

This was one of the surprising things I discovered when I did this work – when I started practicing the Feel Better Project process.

Because when we learn to monitor our mind and distance ourselves from its ramblings, we’re able to step outside the whole “walking to get the carrot” paradigm.

We stop and we realize that we’re standing in the middle of a field of carrots, and all we need to do is reach down and pick one up.

And that’s a delicious thing to know.



(Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash)