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When I’d been learning this stuff for a month or so, I remember saying:

I feel like a new operating system has been installed into my brain.

It seemed as if I had been running a version of Microsoft Windows from 1992 – and now I’d got Windows 10.

Or an Apple.

Why did I feel like this?

Because as I learned to notice my thoughts (the practice that is right at the start of the Feel Better Project process), I discovered the “code” that my brain’s operating system had been running.

It was code that had been installed as a child, modified a little as I grew up but in reality still the old, original code.

And so what happened as I started to notice my thoughts was that I realized that the old code didn’t always suit me so well.

It was trying to run software that wasn’t suited for purpose; programs that didn’t match reality.

Now that I was noticing my thoughts, I was able to re-write my code to deal with the “me” that I am now.

I could discard old software that no longer worked as it should, and install the latest and greatest.

All this is to encourage you to keep practicing.

It’s only when you notice your thoughts and follow the process that you are able to upgrade your operating system.

When you get to that moment when you notice how different your thinking is… that’s when you see how worthwhile all that practice is.


Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash