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We usually don’t realize it, but most of the things we do come from a place of fear.

We make our decisions out of fear.

We build our businesses out of fear.

We make choices on how to spend our time out of fear.

So what if instead we lived from a place of “enough?”

Of sufficiency.

Of wellbeing.

This was one of the great changes that I experienced when doing this work.

I noticed how many fearful thoughts I had.

I realized that those thoughts led me to take actions – based on fear.

And all that made me live with a feeling of mild anxiety.

It was like I was stuck on the train of fear – and I couldn’t get off.

When we practice the Feel Better Project process, we start to notice our feelings and the thoughts that generate those feelings.

And we start to question them.

We consider whether those thoughts are based in reality – or on our fear-mangled minds.

So… when I say that I now live mostly from a place of wellbeing, this is what I mean.

I’m not perfect – I still fall into fear-based living from time to time – but as soon as I notice, I’m able to get back get off the express train of fear.



Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash