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The free daily email that shows people how to change their thoughts, so that life and business becomes easy and fulfilling rather than stressful and overwhelming.

If you’re new here – or even if you’ve been here a while and you haven’t started yet – let me tell you about the greatest tool in my toolkit:


Stopping and appreciating three things about our day changes everything.

It encourages us to reflect on what’s happening in our lives.

And it forces us to recognize the good things that are in almost every situation.

Here’s the thing:

Normally, we’re so busy living that we forget to live.

We’re stressing and fretting and planning and regretting so much that all we see are clouds of anxiety.

… When, in reality, the sun is always shining above those clouds.

Developing a habit of appreciating the good stuff changes our outlook.

The hardest thing is remembering to do them (it’s the hardest part of developing any habit). That’s why I have a free service that sends you an email every night with a gentle reminder.

I rely on these emails myself because I still like to have that nudge. Even after doing all this stuff for years, it’s still valuable to me to make sure I keep appreciating the good stuff that’s going on.

If you want to get the emails, just click this link.

When you want to stop them, you can click a link in the emails themselves.



(Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash)