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Windows have a habit of embarrassing us at the worst moments.

We kind of know that the glass should be cleaned… but we’re busy and we never get to it.

And then – when our house-proud friend is visiting – the sun decides to shine at a special, never-before-happened angle. And when those rays hit the glass, all you see is dirt and grime.

How could we have let the windows get so dirty?

The shame of our slovenly ways!

If you’ve been here a while, you know how important it is to notice our feelings.

How we feel tells us whether we are in alignment; whether our inner compass is pointing to our true north.

The thing is, when we’re busy living life, we forget to check in with ourselves.

We might be feeling bad but never really investigate. Instead, we just live out our bad feeling by having a bad day.

It’s just like the grime that accumulates on our windows: because we’re looking through them every day, we fail to see the buildup of dirt.

Instead, try shining a ray on sunshine on how you feel. Check in with yourself throughout the day and follow the Feel Better Project process.

The more we get into the habit of noticing how we feel, the more aware we are of how our feelings affect our lives, and the more able we are to make little adjustments to feel that little bit better.

All of which preferable to a sunshine-grime crisis when the house-proud friend comes to visit.