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There are few beings with more curiosity than children.

Their enthusiasm, their desire to learn…

…Their constant questions of “why?”

And then as we get older we often lose that curiosity.

Maybe we think we know everything; maybe life becomes too busy.

But – I can tell you – curiosity is perhaps our #1 asset for this Feel Better Project stuff.

If we can simply be curious – nothing more – then we’re on the road to living in alignment.

Can we be curious to a bad feeling?

Can we be curious to “what’s going on with us?”

Can we be curious to what might happen next – if we allow it?

When learning this work, I often found myself saying, “it’s interesting that…”

And then leaving it at that.

So when I felt bad, I would say, “It’s interesting that I’m feeling bad about that right now.”

I didn’t judge or criticize my feeling.

I just let it be, held in a suspension of curiosity.

As you flow through life, simply be curious.

Be aware.

And see what happens.



(Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash)