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In a world addicted to doing, it’s hard to just be.

In a relationship addicted to talking, it’s hard to say silent.

And in a business addicted to growth, it’s hard to enjoy where we’re at.

All this action – this need to be heard, this rush for achievement, this hunger for more – seems like it’s there to fill a gap.

To deny our fears and suppress our feelings.

It’s there to stop us noticing how our inner compass has gotten so out of alignment.

But… when you stop and check in with yourself; when you ask: how am I feeling right now?

And when you accept that feeling…

And when you adjust your thoughts and actions to come into alignment with that inner compass…

…Then you can be still, silent, satisfied.

Then you can just be.

And what a relief that is!




(Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash)