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Positive thinking is like trying to run a marathon when you’ve got a broken toe. You really want to accomplish those 26 miles but if you start jogging, it’s going to hurt like hell.

Some people mistake the work we do here at the Feel Better Project for positive thinking.

But trying to think positive when you feel bad doesn’t work.  You set up a conflict within your mind by attempting to fool yourself into feeling better.

Your mind is saying, “My toe is broken”. So when you try to run a marathon, it calls BS.

And so begins a battle between your true needs and your blowhard thoughts.

Here’s something that will serve you:

Instead of trying to bludgeon yourself into feeling better, work with your current feel-bad thoughts.

Accept them. Acknowledge them. Maybe even thank them.

And then… once your feelings have been heard… see if you can ease your way into thinking or doing something that feels just that little bit better.

It’s almost like a negotiation; a gentle compromise.

Instead of trying to run 26 miles right now, care for you toe until it heals. Then you’ll really want to run.




(Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash)