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Sometimes our days are like a scary amusement park ride.

You know, the kind where you sit on a train through the dark… and get frightened half to death?

Why do people go on these? Because the terror is – in its way – enjoyable. We get a strange kind of pleasure from it.

And so with life.

There are days when, for whatever reason, things don’t feel right.

We feel bad.

And sometimes, there’s a deliciousness to that bad feeling. It’s like an itch you can’t help scratching… even though you’re making your skin red and raw.

It’s almost as if we’re getting pleasure from confirming our mind’s love of fear and scarcity. See… it’s true! And that feels good.

But I put it to you today: This “good” feeling is an imposter. It’s as real as the terror at the amusement park.

So just as rides at Disney come to an end, it serves you to get off the bad-feeling train too.

Because as good as your bad feeling might seem, it’s not the real thing. It doesn’t compare to feeling genuinely good.

So follow the Feel Better Project process. Notice the feeling, accept the feeling and then, if you can, do or think something that feels just that little bit better.

Your mind might resist you putting the brakes on its ride through the delicious tunnel of horrors, but slowing your feel-bad momentum will serve you in the long term.



(Photo by Andrea Boldizsar on Unsplash)