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Sometimes we start our day feeling just a little bit – for want of a better word – “urgh.”

Maybe we didn’t sleep so well.

Maybe we made the mistake of checking our email or Facebook first thing.

Maybe we’ve just got a bunch of stuff going on.

It’s times like this that we need to apply a little WD-40 to the mind!

Remember the Feel Better Project process. Ask: How am I feeling right now?

And if the answer is “urgh”, then that’s OK. It’s completely fine to feel like that. There’s nothing wrong with it. You have good reason for the “urghness”.

So don’t – whatever you do – blame yourself for feeling like this. Don’t give yourself a kick in the butt and force yourself to feel better.

Don’t get out the wrench and try to force that rusty bolt… because you’ll break it.

Instead, apply a little WD-40 so that you “ease” the feeling. Give it a bit of lubrication so that you can find a way to feel just a little bit better.

The trouble is, a lot of us get mad at ourselves for feeling this way. We resent ourselves for spoiling our day by feeling bad.

None of that’s helpful.

Instead, see if you can apply the lubrication of kindness to ourselves. Accept our feeling and ask ourselves gently if there’s something we can do for ourselves to feel just a little bit better.

Maybe we can appreciate something about the day.

Maybe we can think of something we are looking forward to.

Maybe we can say “none of these things that concern me are that important.”

Whatever you do, just be kind.

Apply that WD-40 and see if you can ease yourself into feeling better.

And if you can’t, don’t worry. Just come back later with another drop of WD-40.


(Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash)