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It’s funny how we define work.

If you search Google for images about work, you get lots of pictures of people sitting at their computers. It would seem that if you’re not typing – if one hand isn’t on your mouse – then you’re slacking off.

And yet… if you are a business owner – or anyone trying to innovate and make decisions – then your best work is done away from your computer.

I get ideas when driving.

Or in the shower.

Or when walking to get a cup of coffee.

These are the times when I my mind is allowed to do its own thing; when it can ramble, and when it can access wisdom.

I remember a couple of years ago the first time I allowed myself to goof off for an afternoon. I went to my favorite coffeeshop, sat outside and read a book.

I felt a little bit guilty…

… and yet – after an hour, I got so many ideas for my business that I just had to rush home and implement them.

That one hour at the coffeeshop was $1000-per-hour “work”.

So if you are your own boss, give yourself an afternoon away from your desk. Have fun. Goof off.

Maybe it will be the best work you’ll do all month.


(Photo by Simon Schmitt on Unsplash)