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If you’ve been practicing the Feel Better Project process for some time, you might have already noticed how life is generally better.

Maybe that underlying sense of anxiety isn’t there anymore.

Maybe you spend less time painfully strategizing and instead are happy to go with the flow.

And maybe you sometimes get a feeling of intense happiness – maybe even joy.

All this was the case when I began the process myself.

But then… something happens… and it all comes crashing down.

And… because you are so in tune with how you feel these days… that crash feels horrible. Indeed, it feels worse than any bad feeling you had before.

That’s OK.

Because here’s the thing: Contrast – which is what this is – shows us what we don’t want.

When something suddenly feels so bad (and it will because you got used to things feeling generally good), it brightly illustrates that your compass is pointing in the wrong direction.

So all you need to do is perform a 180-degree turn and you will be back in alignment again.

Just think of what you DO want and follow that.

Negative stuff happens – and it hits you on the head like a two-by-four.

But instead of getting knocked down and feeling sorry for ourselves, all we need do is say, “thank you for showing me that I’m out of alignment so that I can point in the direction I want to go.”

Contrast is painful, but it’s your friend.



(Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash