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Children, as you have no doubt observed, fall down quite a lot.

There’s often a grazed knee or a bruised elbow to prove it.

And sometimes when they fall down, there’s tears of shock, embarrassment – and sometimes pain.

Of course we, as adults, comfort the child. We rub the bruise better and bring out the Band Aids.

What we don’t do is scold the child for being so clumsy.

So… why don’t we treat ourselves with the same level of kindness?

Anyone who has done the work we talk about here at the Feel Better Project knows that we often fail. We forget to practice. We zoom in when we should have zoomed out. We let fear rule us instead of love.

That’s because we’re human.

But what we do so often is blame ourselves for doing it wrong. We curse our imperfections.

And that makes us feel terrible.

So – please – be good to yourself.

When you fall down, rub the bruise.

When you scrape that knee, apply a Band Aid.

And then get up again.

After all, you’re doing it perfectly imperfectly. And that’s just perfect.




(Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash)