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Zoom in, zoom out.

Zoom in to see your house on Google Maps; zoom out to see the highway to the next city.

Zoom in to snap a picture of the bird on a branch; zoom out to capture the whole forest.

Zoom in to handle the day-to-day details; zoom out to see a larger perspective on your life.

When we’re busy dealing with our banking, our customers, our plans, we’re zoomed in.

We’re pushing through and getting things done. We’re anxiously sweating the small stuff. We’ve having hard conversions. We’re plotting the future.

And all that is exhausting.

So it pays to zoom out.

When we zoom out, we’re still and silent. We calm the over-active mind. We tap into a source of inspiration and wisdom.

And we start to see that the small stuff is just small stuff… and that answers – and truth – lie in the wider picture.

As someone who spent a lot of his summer zoomed in on a lot of stressful details, I often forgot to zoom out.

But when I widened my lens and stopped for a minute, I was able to release and relax.

When zoomed in, it was like I was fussing with a knot, trying to untie it but making it tighter.

When zoomed out, the rope relaxed and the knot untied.

So…today and any day that you are zoomed in so tight that you’re seeing life through a peep-hole, see if you can zoom out and see the big, wide canvas.



(Photo by Ryan Spencer on Unsplash)