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Get to “give up” quicker.

Say “screw it” sooner.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, letting go of the outcome is key to living an easier life.

If we stop caring what happens, a lot of our anxiety goes away.

And if we can accept – maybe even welcome – life as it is, we’re able to glide through our days rather than fight against them.

We’re not giving up on dreaming of what we want or on taking action – when appropriate. Instead, we’re clearing room in our minds to take inspired action rather than fear-driven panic.

We’re realizing that most of our bad feelings are driven by the mind rather than reality.

The secret is to remember to do this! It doesn’t seem right to give up or to accept.

I’m still learning this lesson. I don’t give up fast enough. I forget to say “screw it”.

But every time I remember, I relax.

Once you try it, you quickly learn how well it works.

And that feels good.



(Photo by Ilham Rahmansyah on Unsplash)