The Feel Better Project Daily

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If you run a business, or if you have a responsible position at work, you’ll know how sometimes it can seem like a roller-coaster of adrenaline.

Most of the time, things go well, but from time to time there’s a crisis… and it can feel like someone is injecting adrenaline right into your veins.

Maybe there’s a technical problem.

Maybe a big customer leaves.

Maybe your expenses get out of control one month.

And… as responsible people, this upsets us. We won’t stand for it. We want to fix it.

So the adrenaline gets us ready to fight. We jump in and fix it. Or we get angry and upset.

It’s almost as if sometimes else has taken control of our actions.

But when we practice the Feel Better Project process, we learn to put a gap between trigger and action.

Instead of hearing bad news and rushing to do or say something, the gap allows us to stop and reflect. We’re less likely to go into adrenaline-fueled automatic mode.

And that makes as calmer.

It means we make better decisions.

It makes our life easier and less stressful.

So keep practicing.

It’s worth it.


(Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash)