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Let me ask you a question.

How are you feeling right now? What one or two words would describe that feeling?

Dig into it a little so that you understand where that feeling’s coming from.

If you are feeling is a little negative, don’t worry. That’s perfectly fine and understandable. You don’t need to feel any other way.

But… if you can… see if you can reach for something that feels just a tiny little bit better. See if you can find the crack in the door to a better-feeling thought.

Reach for that… and see how you feel now.

If that’s hard, don’t worry. Just accept how you are feeling. And then see if there is something – however small – you can do or think to feel just that little bit better.

If you are feeling is positive – if things are going well and the world is in your favor – then enjoy that feeling. Relish it. Appreciate it.

Then see if you can reach for something that feels even better. Something that will increase your feel-good momentum.

This is the practice in a single post. And it is just practice. There are no mistakes. Nothing you feel is wrong.

It’s just a practice of gentle accepting and then reaching for something that feels just a little bit better.


(Photo by Friso Baaij on Unsplash)