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In one English village every year, they hold a cheese rolling contest.

Big wheels of cheese are pushed from the top of a hill and they roll down, getting faster and faster.

This is momentum in action!

The same thing happens with our alignment: We start feeling better, which allows us to reach for better-feeling thoughts, then better ones, then better ones.

And, of course, the same thing can happen in reverse: We get into a funk and we reach (accidentally) for worse-feeling thoughts.

When this happens, it’s hard to suddenly change course. You can’t make the cheese roll uphill.

But you can slow it.

The most effective way, I’ve found, is to reach for something you can appreciate. This gets us out of the bad-feeling momentum. We realize that, hey, there’s something good here after all.

So – if you feel like you’re a cheese going downhill, think right now of something you can appreciate – however small that might be.

The key is to slow the momentum so that you can put it into reverse.



(Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash)