The Feel Better Project Daily

The free daily email that shows people how to change their thoughts, so that life and business becomes easy and fulfilling rather than stressful and overwhelming.

Remember how it feels when you’re inspired?

…When you feel like quality work is flowing out of you?

…When you get more done in one hour than you normally accomplish in a day?

…When what you produce is simply amazing?

That is inspired action.

Here’s the thing: All action should be inspired – all action should be in flow. Otherwise it’s better not to act at all.

When we’re inspired, we’re aligned with our true desires. We feel we’re connected to a source of wisdom that is greater than us.

But when we’re not inspired, it feels like effort. Work seems hard. It’s like pulling teeth from an angry goat.

The Feel Better Project process is aimed at putting you in that place of alignment.

So remember to check in with how you feel. Accept that feeling. Then reach for something that feels just that little bit better.

Step by step, minute by minute, you find yourself getting into flow.

That’s when you act.

And your action will be inspired.


(Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash)