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Sometimes we’re so mean to ourselves.

When we blame ourselves for feeling bad…

…Or when we feel overwhelmed and get mad we cannot cope…

…We’re harsh and judgmental and cruel.

We wouldn’t allow our friends to talk to us the way we talk to ourselves!

An important part of the Feel Better Project process is to accept where we are right now. To be good to ourselves. After all, feeling bad about feeling bad feels bad – and that doesn’t help us feel good.

So once you accept that your feelings of stress, anxiety, anger – or whatever – are perfectly reasonable, then you can open the door to feeling better.

When you are OK with feeling bad, then you can reach for that better-feeling thought.

But if we blame ourselves for feeling bad, we add another thing to feel bad about.

As my mentor Julie Arora used to say: Don’t be so mean to my good friend!

So… next time you feel bad, don’t be mean to my good friend!



(Photo by MARIA E. MAYOBRE on Unsplash)