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If you want to make it in Silicon Valley these days, they you have to “hustle.’

To “crush it.”

To work 80 hours per week to the exclusion of everything else.

Only then – they say – will you be “successful.” Only then will you create the world-changing app – the new Facebook, the new Uber, the new viral game.

Only then will you make your first billion.

To this, I call BS.

Here’s the thing:

If you have to “crush it,” you’re doing it wrong.

If it feels like work, there’s something not right.

If life is hustle, then you’re going in the wrong direction.

Our inner compass tells us when we are in line with what we truly want. When we’re pointing to our true North, we feel good. When we’re not, we feel bad.

And… when we’re doing work that is aligned with our soul’s desire, it’s not work but play.

If you feel like you are pushing a rock up hill, then you’re going against your compass.

But if you feel like you’re in flow – that answers come easily, that your work is a joy – then you’re in alignment.

You might still put in the hours – you might still burn the midnight oil – but you’re doing it with a feeling of ease.

Instead of hustle you say thank you; instead of crushing, you release.

Maybe you won’t make your first billion dollars… but perhaps that’s not what you truly want.

And that’s perfectly OK.


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(Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash)