The Feel Better Project Daily

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It’s hard enough getting others to listen.

So we should at least listen to ourselves!

The first step in the Feel Better Project process is to check in with ourselves; to ask: How am I feeling right now?

And – critically – to be OK with that feeling.

There’s so much pressure on us to be happy all the time. If we’re not happy, we’re doing life wrong, it seems.

So that means sometimes we deny our bad feelings. We override them. We keep calm and carry on.

However, those bad feelings are there to tell us something. If we ignore them, we create a kind of inner conflict. There’s tension between the message and our drive to override it. It’s like trying to have a nice dinner party when the smoke alarm is going off.

Instead – let that feeling be. Explore what it means.

Accept it.

Maybe even welcome it.

It’s not until we allow that bad feeling can we start to think of something that makes us feel a little bit better.



(Photo by Anthony Tori on Unsplash)