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Sometimes we hold on so tight to our wishes that our knuckles go white.

We want something to happen so much that we keep asking: Is it here yet? Has it happened yet?

And all the waiting makes us feel bad. We start to get anxious about something not happening.

Such are the delights of the human condition!

Instead do this: If you want something to happen, desire it from your feel-good place.

And then forget it!

Let it go!

Don’t care!

When you’re good with whatever happens, you don’t allow something not happening to make you feel bad.

And because you’re still feeling good, you’re open to noticing opportunities, which means you can do what is necessary to make the most of those opportunities.

This is the reason I call BS on most of the Law of Attraction – at least as it is understood. As many people practice it, they just wish for something to happen and it’s supposed to show up. And when it doesn’t show up… well… it feels horrible. You must have done something wrong! You didn’t try hard enough!

And that’s unhealthy.

So instead, by all means, desire what you want from your feel-good place.

But then let it go.

You might surprise yourself by how many opportunities surround you.


(Photo by Will Cornfield on Unsplash)