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Is it an old woman or a young woman?

It is a vase or two faces in profile?

You’ve probably seen these optical illusions. You look at the picture one way and you see one thing, but then you notice that you can look at the picture a completely different way and you see something else. Once you’ve made that switch, you can’t un-see the new image!

This kind of flip – this paradigm shift – is useful in real life too.

We’re so used to wishing something was not like it is (I wish it wasn’t raining, I wish he wasn’t so rude to me, I wish my business wasn’t so stressful…) that we fail to dream what we really want.

We’re so used to seeing the vase that we don’t see the two faces in profile.

It’s almost as if we get stuck in a hole, wishing we weren’t there, but unable to see the ladder leaning up against the wall.

When we’re in a bad-feeling space, that’s understandable. We feel cranky or anxious or stressed – and that makes it hard to dream better things.

And yet… wishing for what we really want changes our momentum completely. We start to desire, dream and appreciate. We start to feel good.

So how do we get from ditch to ladder? Simply by following the Feel Better Project process.

We notice how we are feeling and accept that feeling.

Then we reach for something that feels just a little bit better.

That small thing can be enough to change our momentum, to stop looking at the bottom of the hole so that we notice the ladder.

Then it’s amazing how quickly we climb out.

And keep on climbing.