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Sometimes business – and life – gets overwhelming.

There are too many problems to fix.

Too many people who demand your time.

Too many decisions to make.

And when all these inputs hit the brain it feels like our circuits are being overloaded. Our thinking doesn’t work properly. It’s all just static.

When that happens, we feel bad because we think we should be able to cope. We believe we should be able to fix it. We tell ourselves we should be grown ups about it all.

…When all we want to do is stomp our feet and go hide under the bedcovers for the rest of the day.

So here’s your permission slip to forget the shoulds and…

Say screw it.

Go home.

Go fishing.

Because you know what? It’s only by being good to yourself – doing something you want to do – that you’ll be in a position to move forward.

It’s only from a better feeling place that you can take positive action.

It’s only by resting and recovering that you can make good decisions.

It feels counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best place for a CEO to be is hiding under the covers.



(Photo by nomao saeki on Unsplash)