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Remember the days of radios when you had to twist the dial to find your station?

You’d turn, and stations would fade in and fade out. Only careful tuning would get you sharp-as-a-blade reception.

Sometimes, you’d come to a place where two stations were playing. Two people talking or rock playing on top of classical.

A perfect sound made everything feel good. Two stations playing at once was intensely irritating.

Here’s how it relates to your life:

Alignment is the perfect tuning; our everyday minds are two songs at once.

We have so much going on, so many conflicting thoughts… and a cacophony of conflicting feelings. We think we want to do something, but our feelings tell us otherwise. We need to write something for our business, but our mind is too full of noise to focus.

That’s why I say that your only job is to get into alignment. Once you do that, everything else becomes clear.

So… follow the Feel Better Project process:

Ask yourself: How am I feeling right now?

Respect that feeling, dig into it a little.

Then ask yourself: What can I do to feel just a little bit better?

When you do this, you reveal the cause of the bad feeling – the conflicting radio stations.

Then, once you get to the better-feeling place, you’re able to tune into the radio station you want to tune into.

That feels good – and you can move forward with perfect clarity.


(Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash)