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Our best work is done on weekends.

It’s the kind of work that brings ideas, solves problems, creates breakthroughs.

The trouble is, most of us associate work with sitting behind a computer, or staying 9-5 in the office. If we’re present, we’re working… or so we think.

We’re “good girls” and “good boys”. We put in the time and set a good example. We toil and we effort… because that’s “the right thing to do.”

And many of us continue to do that on weekends. After all, there’s always something more that needs to be done. There’s always a little extra you can squeeze out.

The thing is… grinding and hustling isn’t the most productive way to get things done.

Instead, sitting still, walking in nature – doing something you love to do – is where the real work happens.

That’s the time when we step away from the day-to-day and allow ourselves to tap into a source of more.

It’s when we stop nitpicking the details and let the big picture stuff flood in.

It feels like it’s play – not work. And so we feel guilty.

But you’ll thank your kind self when Monday morning rolls around.


P.S. Many of us – especially if we’re business owners – need to be reminded to do this. So that’s what we will be doing in the program I am putting together. Reminding each other again and again to practice. Click here to get on the wait list.



(Photo by Chris Thompson on Unsplash)