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The car wreck at the side of the road.

The latest deadly shootings.


The bad week we had for sales in our business.

Some things are so distressing that we can’t look away. There’s a kind of delicious horror in watching stuff that’s gone wrong.

I used to obsess about sales in my business. Was this a bad week? Am I getting fewer leads? Is it all going to hell in a handbasket?

There was some kind of weird comfort in being on top of the situation. At least I was aware that things were going wrong so that I could, in theory, do something about it.

It was as if the “facts” were confirming my mind’s obsession with keeping me safe.

And that’s the point: Our mind’s #1 job is to protect us. It’s there to keep as away from wolves or starvation.

But sometimes, it goes into overdrive – like the smoke alarms that sound when we burn the toast.

So it pays to take a step back and consider: Are things really so bad – or is my mind going into over-protective-overdrive?

The practice we do here at the Feel Better Project is about getting us in touch with our thoughts… and realizing that what we think isn’t necessarily true. Then we adjust our thoughts to be more in line with our reality.

When we are able to do this, it makes life less stressful – and more pleasurable.




(Photo by Phoebe Strafford on Unsplash)