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It was a dark and stormy night. I’d had a long day at work. And in the passenger seat sat a steaming hot takeout pizza for dinner.

And then… suddenly… the road was blocked up ahead.

An electricity repair truck had got stuck in a ditch. The road was shut as they winched it out. Stay back, a tree might snap, they said.

And so… I waited and ate my pizza.

Life is full of trucks in ditches.

Setbacks. Disappointments. Annoyances.

In my business, hardly a day goes by without something going wrong. A computer failure; employee sickness; a difficult customer.

At each setback, the instinct is fix it; to obsess about it; to let it get to us.

And so we effort and we worry and we work.

But one thing I have learned since doing all this Feel Better Project stuff is – instead – to accept. To allow.

To dance with life instead of fight it.

The reality is, you can’t battle what is. Stuff happens. Massive trucks get stuck in ditches.

If we can accept what is happening, we can relax. The problem doesn’t seem so bad. And sometimes, the solution presents itself from our still place of clarity.

Often the best thing to do is wait and eat pizza.

And that’s OK.

(Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash)