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Yesterday I was watching a video of a raccoon in a swimming pool. (Because Facebook…)

The raccoon was paddling and paddling… front legs going 100mph.

It was having a lot of fun… but I had the feeling that at some point the batteries would run out.

After all, there’s only so much juice anybody (raccoons included) have.

We can’t keep paddling forever.

And yet – we try to do that!

We (and especially if you are one of our entrepreneur readers) drive so hard.

We push to achieve more.

We aim for the next leap forward.

And it’s exhausting.

One thing I have noticed since practising this Feel Better Project stuff is that I question the necessity of working so hard.

Was all that paddling essential?

Was I getting anywhere I wanted to go?

Because… really… when you can be still and feel like a million dollars, then why all the splashing and panting?

Why do we swim so hard to get somewhere when everything we need is back where we started?

Worth thinking about.

And worth trying.



(Photo by Anna Salisbury on Unsplash)