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The other day I talked about seeds of desire. If you haven’t read that message, read it at this link and then come back.

So… you’ve got your big dreams, which you’ve dreamed of with passion and then forgotten about them.

But then you’ve got your day-to-day tasks, such as paying bills and buying paper towels.

So here’s a technique that Julie Arora taught me.

Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle.

Title the left side: My To-Do List.

Title the right side: My Dream To-Do List.

On the left-hand side, write all the things you just gotta do (the errands, the groceries…)

On the right-hand side, write your big dreams – the seeds of desire you generated from that feel-good space.

That’s all there is to it. The very act of writing all this stuff down sows those seeds.

You can throw away this list when the left-hand side is checked off. The dreams on the right-hand side are still out there somewhere. Consider them outsourced!

Indeed, forget about them and go about your life.

Try this and see how you feel.


(Photo by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash)