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Sometimes we try to be so good… that it works out badly.

Sometimes we think we’re doing right for others… but it’s wrong for everyone.

Many of us are trained from an early age to be good girls and good boys. Finish your homework, eat your vegetables, tidy your room.

We’re people pleasers. We think that makes us feel good.

But today I’d like to suggest to you that sometimes all our efforts to be good often make things worse.

When we compromise that step too far or when we do something that doesn’t feel in line with our true desires… then we’re not pleasing anybody.

When we’re so compromised that we’re not in alignment anymore… then we’re not serving the world.

Now – I’m not saying that we should be selfish, that we should do what we darn well please and to heck with everyone else.

All I’m saying is that we should put our own oxygen mask on first – and then serve.

We should honor our wishes and be gentle with ourselves.

We should look after what we need in that moment.

Because if we act from a feel-bad place, we just pollute the water.

So just check in with yourself and ask: Does this really serve me and everyone around me?




(Photo by Elizaveta Korabelnikova on Unsplash)