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Let’s do a little practice today.

Find somewhere where you can be still and quiet for five minutes. Back in bed works for me.

And just be still. Let thoughts come and go. Be aware of your environment, but don’t concern yourself with it.

Then… when you start to feel yourself becoming quiet – when your breathing slows and you feel relaxed – begin to daydream.

Daydream about your ideal life.

Daydream about your ideal world.

Enjoy these daydreams.

And then, when you’re ready… go back to the rest of your day and forget everything you dreamed about. Don’t hang on to these wishes – just let them go.

What you’re doing here is allowing yourself to tap into your inner wisdom – your true desires that are so often covered by thoughts of fear and lack.

You’re planting little seeds of desire that will serve you in the days, months and years ahead.

These seeds will germinate actions; they will germinate the noticing of opportunities; they will germinate the possibility of you achieving what you really want.

This is a fun exercise.  When I do it, it makes me feel good. Try it!


(Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash)