The Feel Better Project Daily

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Reading doesn’t work – only practice does.

You can read lots of theory and enjoy lots of inspiration… but nothing works unless you put it into action.

It’s the same as getting fit. We can be very knowledgeable about exercise and gyms and weights, but unless we actually go to the gym and exercise and use the weights… well, we stay at first base.

The trouble is, our over-thinking mind comes up with all sorts of excuses to put off doing what we need to do. That’s because its micro-managing control over our lives is put under threat when we practice. It doesn’t like that.

So to practice, I encourage you to do your Appreciations. (Read more about them here.)

And it’s why I encourage you to check in with yourself several times every day and follow the Feel Better Project process.

While it’s fun to be all inspired, we feel better and live a life of inspiration and flow only when we practice.

That’s what we’re all about here.


(Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash)