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My computer decided to have a fight with Microsoft Excel last week.

Excel started doing weird stuff, which made my computer run slow and get all hot and bothered. All its processing power was tied up in dealing with Excel’s antics.

I couldn’t do any work… until I shut the whole thing down.

Our minds get like that too.

We find something that upsets us, angers us or makes us fearful, and so our thoughts go into overdrive, taking over the mind and stopping us doing anything else.

We run slow and get all hot and bothered as our processing power is tied up dealing with our thoughts.

We can feel lack, loss, anxiety.

Left unchecked and it can lead to anger, violence, hatred… racism.

This is why the work we do at the Feel Better Project is so important.

It’s why I write this email every day.

Because… learning how to step out of our thoughts and quiet the mind stops the problem of runaway processing. We realize that we are not our thoughts – they’re just a program that is running (and sometimes malfunctioning). We still the thinking mind and start to live in a world of sufficiency and love rather than lack and fear.

Imagine what sort of world that would be.


P.S. It takes practice – not just reading. That’s why I am putting together a program that will help you. Click here to join the wait list.


(Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash)