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You know that feeling… when something’s not quite right?

Maybe it’s the nag of anxiety.

Or a little sickness in the stomach.

Or a tiredness you can’t quite explain.

They’re often symptoms of your inner compass being a little out of line. Symptoms of things not going quite as your soul desires.

And that’s OK!

Indeed, maybe it’s time to thank these little warning bells. Why? Because recognizing that you’re out of alignment is the first step towards getting back into your feel-good place.

After all, there are probably very good reasons for these alarms. Life throws things at you. The world’s not perfect.

So be gentle.

Thank your inner compass for warning you.

And then – perhaps – you will open up enough space to figure out what, if anything, you wish to do get back into alignment.

What changes – what new things to think about – will make you feel just that little bit better.

These warnings are not a big deal. They’re just nudges. Simply friendly tugs at your sleeve.

And they open the door to getting back into flow.



(Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash)