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The first few minutes of the day can decide the next 24 hours.

Good day or bad day? Maybe it’s up to those precious morning seconds.

Sleep is like a reset for the mind, but how we reboot from that reset can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Do we start the day stressed, by checking our emails, scrolling through Facebook or remembering what we have to do this morning?

Or do we start from a place of peace and stillness, connected to a source of greater wisdom?

For so many of us, old habits make us start the day at a sprint, getting stuff done now so we can fit everything in.

The trouble is, that makes the next hours reactive… controlled by circumstances, not by our true wishes.

Instead, if we take the time to slow down, quieten down and tap in… then we take control of our day.

We listen to what we really want. We prioritize our desires. We start the day centered.

All it takes is a few minutes first thing to check in with how we are feeling and ask: What would make me feel just a little bit better?



(Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash)