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Let’s think back to what it’s like to go watch a movie at a theater.

If it’s a good film (and the seats are comfortable) we get wrapped up in the narrative: We care about the characters; we want to know what happens next.

Then, when the movie ends, we leave the theater, step on dropped popcorn, pass through the empty foyer and go out into the parking lot.

We leave the story of the movie and we’re back in reality. Maybe we discuss the movie with our friends – we critique it.

Now… imagine if our everyday life was a movie. All the things we think, the people we meet, the tasks we complete – all were elements of a movie.

Imagine how, just like a movie, we get wrapped up in all that’s going on. We feel the anxiety, we taste the anger – we laugh at the jokes.

We live the movie like it was real.

Then, maybe, at the end of the day, we leave the “theater” and spend some time being quiet. We rest. We tap into our feelings.

And we realize that most of what happened during the day was just the thrills and spills of cinema.

That most of it won’t matter tomorrow or next week or next year.

And that what’s real – what’s actual reality – is the quiet stillness we are experiencing right now.

The rest was a story by the screenwriter of the mind.

I wonder if that would make us live our days with a different perspective?


(Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash)