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Of all the alarm bells – the feelings that show we are not aligned with our inner compass – maybe anxiety is the most common.

It’s also the most helpful.

I used to suffer, from time to time, from a mild, persistent anxiety. It was a feeling of something not being quite right, as if there was some unforeseen problem just around the corner.

It was difficult to pinpoint.

But it was there.

So here’s where this work helps: When you see your feelings as mere lights on the dashboard, they don’t become a problem in themselves.

When you realize they are just telling you that you are out of alignment, then you can start to feel better.

For example, I used to be anxious about money; whether there would be enough in the future.

It was a fair thing to feel. I don’t have some corporate pension pot socked away.

But acknowledging that feeling is the first step towards fixing the problem.

When we truly say yes to the feeling, we are able to take steps to alleviate the source of that anxiety.

And here’s the great thing: As soon as we take the smallest steps, the anxiety resolves.

As soon as we do something to feel just a little bit better, the light on the dash goes out.

It’s as if it’s saying: Thank you for listening – now I don’t need to keep bothering you.

So maybe we need to thank your bad feelings. They are, after all, doing us a great service.


(Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash)