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“I will sell this house today!”

That’s the affirmation made again and again by Annette Bening’s character – a real estate agent – in the movie American Beauty.

The trouble is, affirmations don’t work – unless you say them from a place of alignment.

Here’s the thing: You might think you can fool your brain and be all positive, but if your underlying mood isn’t so great, you’re creating conflict within yourself.

Your thinking is brain is saying “yes” but your heart is saying “no”.

And in the end, the heart wins.

So don’t try to fool it.

Instead, ease yourself into a better-feeling space using the Feel Better Project process so that positive affirmations come naturally.

Ask: How am I feeling right now?

Feel that feeling – don’t deny it.

Then ask: What would make me feel just a little bit better?

Repeat that exercise – trying different things if the first ones don’t work – until you feel a shift.

Eventually… everything seems rosier.

Your true desires bubble up to the surface. Then you can express them, backed by the full force of truly positive emotions.

Alignment first – then heartfelt desire.


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(Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash)