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If you’re feeling a little “off”…

If an old argument or a past regret or a future worry is irritating you…

And something’s just not sitting right…

…Then your only job is to feel just a little bit better.

Yes, today you’ve got things to do, people to see, actions to take.

But none of them will succeed when you’re feeling off. You’ll be wading through molasses instead of floating downstream.

Instead, invest a few minutes in feeling just a little bit better.

Reach for that better-feeling thought.

Do that thing that pampers you.

Find a crack that will allow a better world in.

And then… the “off” feeling softens. You feel a buzz of positivity.

And your day starts being “on” again.

You see, you have only one job: To feel just a little bit better.

First that, then everything else.



(Photo by Kevin Crosby on Unsplash)