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Can you remember learning to swim?

The moment when you had the confidence to loosen your grip on the side of the pool and float?

Most of us can let the water support us – but in life, we’re often still holding on to dry land.

So I have a proposal: What if we tried letting go, just for a few seconds?

How about we allow the world to guide us, instead of controlling it?

What would it be like if we went with the flow instead of fought against the tide?

Whenever I remember to let go, I start to relax. The kicking and struggling subsides and I’m able to enjoy the ride.

It takes trust to put our head back and float, but when we do, we often find the world takes us where we want to go. Safely and easily.

Simon Payn

P.S. It takes practice to build enough trust to do this. That’s what we will be doing in the new program I am putting together. Click this link to join the wait list.


Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash