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On Sunday night at about 9.30pm, I drove straight into a massive moose.

I am unharmed; the car is likely totalled.

The moose, I’m sorry to say, did not survive.

It was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me.

Yesterday, after a night with little sleep, I was shaken up and tearful. I was reliving the experience. I was thinking how it could have been so much worse (that stretch of road is notorious for moose-related fatalities.)

Yesterday, I went to my “last resort” tool in the Feel Better Project toolkit: Staying in bed and being good to myself. Understanding that I had gone through something traumatic. Taking care of myself. Allowing myself to rest and recharge.

Today? After a good night’s sleep, a new perspective.

I’m not reliving what happened. I’m not thinking how terrible it all was. I’m not thinking how it could have been worse.

It is what it is.

The definition of suffering is fighting with reality: wishing things weren’t as they are; judging things as either good or bad.

So I could wish it hadn’t happened.

I could wish the car wasn’t wrecked.

I could wish the moose was OK.

But what happened is what happened.

I’m just going with it.

And I’m not suffering anymore.

It’s just another step in the dance of life.

Simon Payn

P.S. The Feel Better Project process helped me recover from this. First by knowing to take care of myself; second by understanding what causes suffering. If you would like to learn about this in a very practical way, click here to join the waiting list for the program I am working on.



(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)