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We see the wolf at the door rather than the chicken on the table.

We expect the rain rather than experience the sun.

We prepare for the loss of everything rather than enjoying what we have.

This is how we are – as humans. We’re too busy burying our acorns that we forget to eat lunch.

Our brains are so wired for future safety that they don’t allow us to enjoy the present.

The trouble is, that makes us unhappy.

We believe we will never have enough so we always strive for more.

It’s why we apply for that tougher job with more pay.

It’s why we buy the bigger house with a bigger mortgage.

It’s why we feel jealously and resentment.

But how about – just for a minute – experiencing what we do have?

Realizing that – perhaps – what we have is enough. That what we ARE is enough.

That right here, right now, we are breathing and we are looking and we are hearing.

And – just maybe – that is enough?

Just maybe we are absolutely fine.

We are enough.

This doesn’t come easily. It requires appreciation and stillness and alignment.

But isn’t the end result – when we let out that tense breath and realize we’re OK – worth it?


(Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash)