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They say that if you’re lost in the forest and trying to find your way home, you end up walking in circles.

You think you’re going straight, but in reality you’re just chasing your tail.

That’s why smart explorers carry compasses.

And it’s why I talk about your inner compass here at the Feel Better Project.

Remember: You have a compass that points to your true North. When you’re following your compass, you’re aligned with what you truly want and who you truly are. That feels good.

When you’re not lined up with your compass, you’re not aligned with your true self. That feels bad.

Pretty simple.

The thing is, however – you’ve got to keep checking that compass, otherwise you could end up going in circles.

You might think you’re still heading North, but in reality you’ve gone off on some mind-driven rabbit trail (the brain does that – it takes you on old, well-trodden paths that don’t serve you anymore.)

The trick is, therefore, to make it a habit to keep checking your compass: Ask yourself how you’re feeling right now, and what would make you feel a little bit better. That’s the Feel Better Project process.

So let’s start right now. How are feeling?

When you’ve identified that feeling, accept it. It’s quite legitimate and reasonable that you feel that way.

But next, ask yourself: What would make me feel just a little bit better?

See how you feel now.

Then just repeat the process.

And keep doing it throughout your day today.

Let me know how you do!



(Photo by Epicurrence on Unsplash)