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If you’ve ever bought a new car, you’ll be familiar with how suddenly you see lots of the same make and model (and even color) on the roads.

You start noticing all the Jeeps or Priuses or Minis.

You realize that these cars didn’t all take to the highway for the first time that day – they were always there. You just didn’t see them.

So here’s the thing:

What if all the good stuff in life was always there too? You just weren’t in the position to notice it.

Many of us spend so much of our day wrapped up in our thoughts – our fears, our plans, our anxieties, our regrets – that we fail to see all the good stuff.

It’s as if we are walking along looking at the pavement, not noticing the shop windows filled with amazing clothes to buy.

Instead, if we could just lift our heads from our study of the pavement and be open to seeing the bright shop windows… wouldn’t that change everything?

The work we do here at the Feel Better Project helps with that. We begin to notice that we are looking at the pavement, then we allow ourselves to raise our heads and peer through the windows.

We nudge ourselves into a better feeling place so we come into contact with what we desire.

We keep nudging until we’re inspired and energized – until we flow.

Until our entire body buzzes with excitement.

Then all of a sudden opportunity surrounds us.

All that good stuff is there. We just need to step into its path.


(Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash)