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If you feel bad, don’t feel bad about it.

I know that feeling bad feels bad, but if you feel bad about feeling bad… well, that feels bad.

Umm… what I am trying to say is: Feeling bad feels bad if you feel bad about it.

And none of that feels good.

This might be called the Feel Better Project, but we shouldn’t hold ourselves to feeling awesome all the time. If we can’t feel good – or can’t feel better – then it doesn’t matter.

Our feelings are merely guidelines. They simply tell us if we are in line with our inner compass – if we are heading for our true North.

So if we feel bad, all that means is that we are out of alignment.

If the light comes on in the car warning us that we are running low on gas, we don’t freak out and think we will never be able to drive again. No, we just stop at the next gas station.

So don’t make it some big goal to feel good all the time. Just use your feelings as lights on the dash.

The funny thing is, when you practice that enough, you start to feel better more often anyway.

That’s just how it works.



(Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash)