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One of the most curious things about all this stuff is the following:

If you have to try, something’s wrong.

If what you are attempting to do feels like it’s an effort – a struggle – then you’re going about it the wrong way.

In our society, we’re taught that to “succeed” (whatever that is), we must push and hustle and grind. We must put the hours in and break through walls. It should be hard and only the toughest succeed.

In my experience, it’s true that we often end up putting in those hours and breaking down those walls.


If it feels like a struggle – if you think you have to try – then you’re doing it all wrong.

What if instead you are able to get yourself into a zone where it feels easy?

A place where inspiration comes to you and the right path is obvious?

A time when you are joyfully putting in the hours because it feels like you are in flow?

What if instead of struggling uphill towards your goal you could float downhill?

If you feel like you’re having to try, it means you are not aligned with your project. It means there’s some clash going on inside your brain. Something just doesn’t feel right about it.

So if that’s the case, your only job is to dissolve that sticking point and get into alignment.

And the best way to do that is to learn the Feel Better Project process; to really discover what’s going on and ease your way into a better-feeling space.

By practising that again and again, you learn to get into the zone before you begin.

You know that your only job is to get into alignment because once you’re there, everything becomes easy.

You try no more.

(Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash)