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Our nephews love hunting for raspberries.

The area around our old house had tangles of bushes that yielded enough sticky fruit to bring the boys back red-handed.

So when we announced we were moving, there was much upset: what about the raspberries?

(Good news – there are even more bushes close to our new place.)

There’s a lot to learn from young children. Their enthusiasm, their joy – the way they allow their feelings.

There’s no filter from the thinking, conditioned mind.

They already know how to follow their inner compass. They know where their true North is.

So maybe, from time to time, we could be like a four-year-old.

Maybe we could follow our joy.

Maybe we could do what feels right.

Maybe we could go find some juicy raspberries.


(Photo by Cengizhan Konuş on Unsplash)